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Floatng Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fenders ISO17357

 Evergreen Maritime LogoYokohama Type Floating Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fenders
 ISO 17357 Qualified in China, Appointed Supplier of CNOOC 
 Evergreen Maritime


Leading Manufacturer of Floating Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fenders( Yokohama Type) 
Evergreen-Maritime is China leading manufacturer of pneumatic fenders. All Evergreen Maritime floating pneumatic marine rubber fenders are manufactured and 3rd party certificated in compliance with ISO17357 Ship and Marine Technology "High-pressure floating pneumatic rubber fenders ISO 17357: 2002".

LR certificate ISO17357

In order to produce the qualified and famous China Brand of pneumatic fenders , Evergreen-Maritime invested the advanced production and test equipments, and invited the foreign experienced engineers of Yokohama fenders, which ensure all Evergreen pneumatic fenders are manufactured comply with ISO17357:2002. After ten years of hard working and innovation on floating pneumatc rubber marine fenders, Evergreen Maritime has became the leading supplier of pneumatic fenders in China. The floating fenders of Evergreen Maritime will not only be manufactured with molded technology but also good craftmanship.  

In order to protect your maritime values, Evergreen-Maritime strongly follow the requirement of ISO 17357: 2002, providing guaranteed pneumatic fenders for you, your end users. Pneumatic Rubber Fenders combined with ISO 17357: 2002 will absolutely perform the high quality needed for safe berthing during ship to ship operations involving bunkering or discharging of oil or gas, and ship to port operation.


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