Subsea Buoyancy

  • Modular Mooring Buoys
    In shallow or deepwater there will always be a requirement to safely moor a floating structure, it may be an oil tanker, production vessel, a semi-submersible drilling rig or deepwater platform. In most cases this mooring requirement will include chains, wire ropes and one or more subsea mooring or spring buoys.
  • One-piece Mooring Buoys
    One-piece mooring buoys are manufactured using a central tension member encapsulated within a syntactic foam core of varying densities to suit particular depth ratings. The external skin of one-piece mooring buoys include rotationally moulded polyethylene, polyurethane elastomer and glass reinforced vinyl-ester, giving a durable, abrasion resistant surface finish. The external surface is pigmented with a high visibility colour – typically yellow, white or orange – to assist with deployment and retrieval although other colours are available on request.
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