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Pioneer and Leader

Evergreen Ship Launching Aribags Market share No.1

    ◎ Evergreen-Maritime has been focused on Ship Launching Airbags for 28 years
    ◎  Evergreen-Maritime has 80% Market share
    ◎ The possessor of 5 technologies patented
    ◎ The creator of world biggest vessel launching record by ship launching airbags
    ◎ Unique "Holistic Screw Type Enlacing Airbags"
    ◎ Successful experience of 5,000 ships launching
    ◎ Drafter and maker of industry standard
    ◎ Appointed supplier of China Ship Building Association
    ◎ Approved quality guarantee by Lloyd's and CCS
    ◎ Free consultant and design service

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Ship Launching Aribags


1 Unique Patented Holistic Helix Technology 
     for the better performance
2 Heavy Duty Synthetic-tyre-cord layer 
      for the better quality










3 Unique Patented Inner Bladder Design
     for the better gas tightness
Quick Inflatable Device
     for the more convenient



Safe Working Ratio of 6:1
     for the secure safe
 Hydraulic Burst Test
      for the use of more assured




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