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Products and Solutions

Evergreen is leading manufacturer of marine fender system including pneumatic fenders,foam filled fenders, portable foam filled fenders, boat fenders, yacht fenders and other type rubber fenders. 

Peumatic fenders are manufactured conform to ISO 17357. Foam-filled fenders is developed based on our excellent technology of buoyancy products.

>> Ship Launching/Salvage Air-bags
Evergreen is the inventor and urger of launching/landing, lifting or conveying, salvage thechology by air-bags.     Cost Saving, Labor Saving, Time Saving, Economical, Safe & Flexible.

>> Marine Air Lift Buoyancy Bags
Based on our excellent technology of TPU/PVC coated polyester fabric. We specialist in marine air lift buoyancy bags and relative products of rescue.

Evergreen provide surface and subsurface buoyancy and elastomer products and service to the global energy defence, subsea communications and oceanogrphic industries.Based on our cooperation with Marine Chemical Research Institute, we'll supply most suitable products for you and your project.

Our buoyance products include:
>> Surface Buoyany Products
>> Subsea Buoyancy Products

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