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Evergreen-Maritime History

In 1980
, Evergreen-Maritime took the first step when its engineer made the China first Pneumatic Rubber Fender based on Yokohama's technology. In 1982, its engineer cooperated with CSSC invent the first Ship Launching Airbags and launch the first ship, From this first successful launching project, we continued to build on that success. In 1985, its engineer perfect this launching technology, and called after "Flexible Launching Technology" as patent technology, heralding the beginning of Evergreen-Maritime's ship launching industry.

In the 1990's
, with the development of shipbuilding industry, Evergreen-Maritime's launching project continued to expand, constantly made the new record of ship launching by airbags from 1000DWT to 8,500DWT vessel, emerged as a leader. Evergreen Pneumatic Rubber Fenders also slowly were accepted by more and more ports and ship companies.

In the 2000's, Evergreen-Maritime balanced growth and expansion with risk management, focused on international competitive and greater technological investment. Evergreen Pneumatic Rubber Fenders got the certification ISO17357:2002 issued by Lloyd's. Evergreen Airbags Ship Launching Technology also slowly had been accepted by more and more word's shipyards on the international stage.

Building on these success, Evergreen-Maritime focused on the development of existing industries, related industries and new industries. Upon the cooperation with domestic advanced academes, designed and manufactured the Foam Filled Fenders, offshore surface foam buoys, and deep-water foam buoyancy products. These success promoted the company's development in the depth and breadth.

At present, Evergreen-Maritime is keeping our eye on the technology investment in order to further strengthen the international competitiveness. Our global vision is becoming reality as the Evergreen-Maritime brand becomes recognized around the world.

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