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About EversafeTM Marine Engineering


Ship Launching Marine AirbagsEversafeTM Marine Engineering is the leading contractor of ship launching / landing, heavy lifting or conveying, sunken ship salvage and stranded ship saving in domestic and oversea market. And our team offers a turnkey service from concept development through design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and operation, training logistics. Meanwhile, we supply judgmatical consultancy and design service for the related ship building, ship repair, offshore buoyancy, marine salvage industries projects.

EversafeTM built up the first Launching Ship Team of domestic in 1980 after inventing the launching method by marine airbags. From that time, our team has launched thousands of ships (from 800 DWT to 55,000 DWT), and salvaged the Ship Launching Marine Airbaghundreds of wrecked ships. Then the oldest side-launch method was instead by this new launching technology gradually. At the time, EversafeTM popularizes this launching technology by marine airbags all over the world. And EversafeTM has launched hundreds of ships for the shipyards of more than twenty countries successfully.

At the same time, we have been improving the technology and quality of marine airbags. We invent Air Lifting Marine Airbags & Moving Marine Airbags/rollers, and Floating Salvage Marine Airbags.

The combination of hoisting airbags and moving airbags can have the capability of lifting and transporting heavy objects of over 10,000 ton. They are being widely Shipping Airbags, Ship air bagsutilized in moving extra heavy objects, such as large scale reinforced concrete structure, oil drilling equipment, whole building structure and etc. Our engineers have implemented several inventions in their practice and successfully launched caisson directly into water with just using airbags. Furthermore, they have accomplished unprecedented tasks with relocating world’s largest cylinder caisson and caissons with weight of up to 5,000 metric ton.

Floating marine airbags are lighter than the above airbags in order to get more buoyancy. Thus, they can be easily transported and deployed when space is an issue and under water conditions. We can provide the exact floating capability based on clients requirements. The floating airbags have flexible applications and can be broadly implemented in shipwreck salvags, floating bridge and dock salvage airbag, air lift bagsconstruction. It is also being used as temporary marine transportation device. 

Please visit our achievement to get more information about the detailed projects.


In order to help the shipyards, salvage companies, and related companies to understanding the use our airbags, we supply free consultant service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Look forwarder to our cooperation.




Technology Standard (Pls contact us to get)
>> CB/T 3837-1998 Technological Requirements for ship Upgrading or Launching Relying on Air-bags

      (Shipbuilding Industry Standard, PRC)

>> CB/T 3795-1996 Air bag for ship up to or down to launching way

      (Shipbuilding Industry Standard, PRC)

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