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1.      Expertise and Experience. EVERGREEN engineers have manufactured Pneumatic Fenders since 1980. And EVERGREEN engineer invents the fist Ship Launching Airbags (called intense pneumatic tire beginning) in 1981. Subsequently, EVERGREEN engineers enhance the launching technology; invent the “Flexible Launching TechnologyTM”.

l         EVERGREEN established the first launching team.

l         The creator of the biggest vessel launching record

l         “ O ” record of launching accidents

l         Thoughts of ships launching successful experience

Meanwhile, EVERGREEN also product the first Foam Filled Fender of China, and is the only manufacturer of Buoys. All domestic designing and manufacturing standard of pneumatic fenders and ship launching airbags are we do. It’s our main line. You can rely on EVERGREEN MARITIME.


2.      Quality.  From product design to state of the art material, to skilled craftsmen using the best equipment and materials available. All EVERGREEN products are manufactured comply with Industry Highest Standard, such as ISO17357:2002, CB/T3795 and 3837, got the certification of Lloyd’s and CCS. Each fenders and airbags are tested prior to shipping. For Ship Launching Airbags, EVERGREEN invents the “Holistic Screw Type Enlacing AirbagsTM”, which enhance the performance by 6 times. Look around and compare, there are none better.


3.      Price. EVERGREEN equip the full complete production facilities, taking off the extra cost of outer production of other manufacturers. Meanwhile, we supply full set maintain equipments and necessary hardware freely. Combined with large volume and prepayment discounts, Evergreen’s prices are the most reasonable and competitive.


4.      Service. Our commitment is to our customer. Any customer can get reply within 24 hours. And EVERGREEN have local agents in many countries. Customer can get the fastest service. Our full complete production facilities and excellent production ability ensure the prompt delivery. Meanwhile, we provide free consultant and design service, for the selection of marine fenders, ship launching plan, and after-sales service for whole life. 


5.      Innovation. “Finding Chance, Inventing Solution”. EVERGREEN keep its innovative idea all the time for the material, productions, and solution. Do our best to supply the best the service. Whether it’s condition, Evergreen will provide the optimum solution for your specific projects. 


EVERGREEN MARITIME offers a full warranty of 18 months for all products and offers consultant and design service for ship launching/landing projects to all customers with EVERGREEN products.

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