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In order to help everyone better understand our products, especially Evergreen Airbags, we list the following FAQs:

Evergreen Pneumatic Fenders FAQ:

1.Do your Pneumatic Fenders according with ISO 17357:2002?

>> Evergreen is unique China manufacturer whose pneumatic fenders completely according with ISO 17357: 2002.



Evergreen Airbags FAQ:

1.What's the angle of the ramp (slipway) recommended for ship launching?

>> Usually, the suggested angle of slipway is 65:1m, i.e 0.8 degree. Of course, it's no problem to launch the ship by airbags based on the existing big degree under the help of winch.

 2.What's the lifetime of Evergreen Airbags?

>> Becasue the excellent material selection learning from ISO17357:2002, the life-span of Evergreen Airbags is 6~8 years under the normal use. It's unreachable for other manufacturer's airbags.

 3.How many times the Evergreen Airbags can be used?

>> It's hard to define the using times, just like the TV. But the designed quantity is over 200. And, we can say, during the life-span, you can use Evergreen Airbags many times.

4. How to calculate the quantity requested for the ship launching?

>> For this questions, we hope you can contact us directly. We'll supply the detailed technology direction.

5. What's the application area of Evergreen Airbags?

>> Our Evergreen Airbags can be used on the following area:
1. Ship Building and Repair Industry -- for the upgrading of wrecked ships, and launching of new ships
 Salvage and Reflatation Industry -- for the wrecked ship salvage, refloatation of sunken ships
  Building, Hoisting and Moving Industry -- for the heavy lifting and trasporting of heavy weight objects

6. How to calculate and select the proper Evergreen Airbags for your launching / upgrading projects?

Firstly, we must confirm the following questions. Then we give you the detailed proposal.
(Pls contact Evergreen, to get the detailed calculation process "How to calcuate and select Ship Launching Marine Airbags")

1.   Type of vessel?
2.   LOA (length) of ship?
3.   Width of vessel?
4.   Vessel's actual launched weight (gravity weight)/weight without cargo?
5.   What is the vessel's DWT?
6.   Type of ground ship is built on? (Dirt, concrete, etc.) *Provide photo.
7.   Depth in meters of the water where the ship first enters the water?
8.   What's the angle degree of slipway? (Land, not under water)
9.   Please provide the low/high tide schedule at site.
10. The working height? (The block stand height under the vessel)
11. Distance from bottom of propeller to the water level?
12. Distance from back of vessel (in dry dock) to the water entry point?


Of course, if you have any further question, please feel free to contact us.

(This part is under construction and some other questions will be constantly perfected. )


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