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Pnematic fenders for CNTIC VPOWER power projects in Myanmar

CNTIC VPOWER is the joint business of of Hong Kong-listed VPower Group and China National Technical Import & Export Corporation. The venture company with nominal equity capacity, held as to 50% by each party, for the investment in, development and operation of three power projects in Myanmar with an aggregate contract capacity of 900MW.



CNTIC VPOWER acquired the Karmol LNGT Powership Anatolia from Karmol and renamed the vessel to CNTIC VPower Energy. This is is the second ship to join CNTIC VPower’s fleet after the 28,000-cbm LNG carrier CNTIC VPower Global.


Evergreen Maritime is one leading manufacturer of ship fenders and marine airbags in China, serves global customers with proven track record. As one of the flagship products, Evergreen pneumatic fenders comply with ISO 17357-1:2014 fully and got certificated by most classification societies.



Invited by CNTIC VPOWER, in Feburary 2020, Evergreen Maritime offered the first batch pneumatic fenders with 4pieces 3300x6500 mm, 4pieces 3300x4500 mm and two baby fender 1000 mmx 2000 mm for the LNG carriers berthing and STS operation.


Then in August, the second batch pneumatic fenders were supplied for those LNG carriers by Evergreen Maritime, with four babay fenders 1000x 2000 mm and four big size fenders 3300x6500 mm.

Evergreen Maritime is proud of his distribution to Myanmar major projects will further alleviate local power deficit to support local economic development and enhance people’s living standard.

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