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Company Introduction

Company Introduction


Evergreen-Maritime is China Leading Manufacturer of Marine Fenders System, including Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders (Yokohama Fenders), Foam Filled Marine Fenders, and Ship Launching/Heavy Lifting Marine Airbags, Offshore Foam Buoys, Rescue & Salvage Air Lift Bags. Evergreen-Maritime also contract the projects of ship launching & landing, and heavy lifting & moving all over the world. It has clients in the shipping, shipbuilding and ship repair, offshore engineering, oil & gas, marine salvage, port construction industries all over the world. Evergreen-Maritime is a unique combination of craftsmanship and design, and manufacture.

Under the guidance of modern management methodology and with the help of advanced technology, Innovation being the basic aspect of our working philosophy has caused us to maintain a very consistent growth-rate over these years.

Evergreen-Maritime are very focused on the quality. We have invested in the most modern testing equipment in order to meet customer demand for high quality products. Meanwhile, our superlative pant facilities are capable of catering to requirements of any Size & Shape. The Shop-floor is equipped with multiple machineries which has caused the company to match & achieve stringent delivery schedules.

Evergreen-Maritime will provide you with on time response services and products of excellent quality and competitive price. The whole ranges of our products conform to all popular and international engineering Standards and Specification by ISO, LROS, DNV, CCS and others Classification Society. Our products have been inspected & approved by major engineering consultants and are widely accepted by reputed multinational companies.


l        Floating pneumatic rubber fenders, i.e. Yokohama marine fenders, can be delivered in various sizes and executions. Our floating pneumatic fenders are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO17357-2002 certification. Evergreen is your best choice of fenders ship. 

l        Foam filled marine fenders,(Ever-Guard Marine Fenders, Ever-Cushion Marine Fenders) as one kind of floating fenders, are slowly and widely used by more and more dock as mooring fender because of its no blast danger and free of maintains. And our shipboard foam filled fenders are also widely used by Navy.

l        Our breakthrough technology, ship launching/landing by shipping air-bags have been used in  launching and landing ship, heavy lifting and moving, sunken ships marine salvage/refloatation and stranded boats removing.

l        Offshore Buoyancy products include surface buoyancy products, and subsea buoyancy products. Such as booms, general surface support buoys, mooring buoys, modular buoys, anchor pendant buoys, pick-up buoys, chain-throught buoys, cylindrical buoys, other offshore engineering products.

l      We design and produce marine fendering systems. We provide the full range of marine fendering from small tugboat rubber fenders to container ship marine fenders, ship fenders. These include design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and commissioning, maintenance, and after-sales services.   

l        Marine air-lift buoyancy bags include underwater air-lift bags, inflatable buoyancy bags, salvage tubes, pipeline buoyancy system, cable floatation, water load & measuring and relative accessories. Meanwhile, our relative products include bulk liquid storage system and environmental & oil spill response.


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