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  • 5000 CBM LPG Carrier Launch with marine airbags
    On September 28, 2011 Eversafe marine engineering company successfully launched a 5000 CBM LPG Carrier with 26 pieces ship launching airbags for Sinopacific Shipbuilding Company in Jiangsu province.
  • Danube River Salvage Project-6500 CBM LPG Vessel Re-launch
    Eversafe Marine Engineering company, subsidiary of Evergreen Maritime Group, successfully re-launched a 6500 m3 LPG Vessel with marine airbags (ship launching balloons) in a Romanian shipyard.
  • DWT 47,000 cargo ship launch
    On May 21 2011 Evergreen-Maritime subsidiary engineering company, Eversafe Marine, successfully launched a DWT47000 cargo ship with Evergreen marine airbags in Nanjing Jinda shipyard. The ship named “ tai he da” weights 9000 tons, measured by 190 m length, 32 m moulded width and 16 m depth.
  • 37500 DWT Cargo ship Launch
    On May 18 2011 ,Eversafe Marine engineering company successfully launched a 37500DWT cargo ship with 50 pieces Evergreen marine airbags in Zhejiang Taizhou shipyard. The vessel named “Dongchengyuan “ measured by 180 m length, 29.2 m breadth moulded and 15.2 m moulded depth. Its lightweight reaches 8000 tons.
  • Evergreen marine airbags land Estonia Submarine Lembit
    The “Lembit” submarine as the only survived warship of the pre-war Estonian Navy and in the Baltic countries was successfully landed in Tallinn with Evergreen marine airbags on May 19, 2011. She was once preserved as a museum ship at the Estonian Maritime Museum Lennusadam (Seaplane harbour/Hydroplane port), Tallinn. And after a new museum is built this submarine is planned to move to its new home.
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