About Evergreen-Maritime

  • Company Introduction
    Qingdao Evergreen Shipping Supplies Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of marine rubber fenders, floating Yokohama fender, foam filled fenders, buoyancy products, inflatable airbags/rollers for ship launching/landing, underwater air-lifting bags, yacht fenders. And we can also contract the projects of ship launching/landing; heaving conveying and salvage of wrecked ships all over the world.
  • Evergreen-Maritime History
    Evergreen-Maritime is keeping our eye on the technology investment in order to further strengthen the international competitiveness. Our global vision is becoming reality as the Evergreen-Maritime brand becomes recognized around the world.
  • Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct is based on the mainstream of philosophy as a guide. It’s the collection of a set of principles and norms binding the act of participants. Corporate Code of Conduct is the basic principles that should be followed when employees perform duties on behalf of corporate in business activities. Staff code of conduct is the basic principles that should be followed by employees in their daily work.
  • Our Principle/Core Values
    Our principle—Customer Focus, Innovation, Good Faith, Performance, Responsibility – make Evergreen unique compared with our competitors. Under the guidance of our principle, evergreen is growing fast.
  • Manufacturing Facility
    Evergreen has a 15,800 m2 production plant and related research & development facilities. We have yearly capacity of USD10, 000,000 of high quality air-bags series, pneumatic fenders, foam filled fenders; buoyancy products and related products. Evergreen was accredited ISO9001 in year 2002 with our restless and continuous improvements as well as products innovation.
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