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About us

  • Evergreen launched new website
    Our new website www.evergreenmaritime.com
  • Materials
    For our selected products, the most critical factor is material selection which is based on operational parameters including lifting requirements, operating depth and environments, and other factors in order to deliver cost effective products fit for purpose. . Based on our comprehensive experience, you and your project will benefit from the most suitable and cost effective solutions available.
  • Unique Advantages
    Inventor of “Holistic Screw Type Enlacing Airbags” and “Flexible Launching Technology”; The Largest and Professional Manufacturer of Ship Launching Airbags, Pneumatic Fenders, Foam Filled Fenders, and Offshore Buoys in China; The Constitutor of China Industry Standard for Pneumatic Fenders, Ship Launching Airbag and Techniques
  • Business Areas
    Providing cost effective & high-performance solutions for your projects and excellent quality products, on time and on budget, is why we’re here. >> Pneumatic Fenders >> Foam Filled Fenders >> Ship Launching Airbags >> Underwater Air-lifting Bags >> Buoyancy Products
  • Company Introduction
    Qingdao Evergreen Shipping Supplies Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of marine rubber fenders, floating Yokohama fender, foam filled fenders, buoyancy products, inflatable airbags/rollers for ship launching/landing, underwater air-lifting bags, yacht fenders. And we can also contract the projects of ship launching/landing; heaving conveying and salvage of wrecked ships all over the world.
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