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Wuzhou Heavy industry launched DWT36000 cargo ship

On 24th November Wuzhou Heavy industry launched a DWT36000 cargo ship with Eversafe airbag launching service. This cargo ship measures 190 meters by total length and 28.3 meters by moulded breadth. It is named “ Meishan gang 57” by owner Zhejiang Hongchen Shipping Company which is a private owned transportation company.

Lianyungang Wuzhou Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2007, is located in Jiangsu Guanyun County town of Lianyungang which is adjacent to the Guanhe River estuary. Currently the company covers an area of 880,000 square meters, has 1.1 kilometers of coastline. Has built five berths below 20,000 tons, eight berths between 30,000-50,000 tons, one berth of 80,000 tons. The shipyard equipped with 32 gantry cranes which include 200 tons and 100 tons.

This river is in low water period so launching water is 2 meters lower than normal level. To conquer this big difficulty Eversafe marine performed detailed calculations to find good solutions of airbag launching. By discussing with shipyard Eversafe Marine decided a dredging plan to ensure the launching.

On 22th November Eversafe launching team arrived at shipyard to prepare the launch. After two days working, we finished the air bag ship lifting and blocks removal works. In  5 PM of 24th the final launching started. After pulling ropes were cut off the ship started to move slowly. With rolling airbags it entered into water smoothly and steadily until floated totally. The whole launch took 90 seconds.

One client from South American shipyard was invited for this airbag launching view. The client was interested in upgrading slipway launching to air bag launching in near future.

n November Eversafe successfully launched 4 new built vessels which include two cargo ships and two OSV. In the winter of shipbuilding industry around the world Chinese shipbuilding market still hold a strong increasing posture that is food for thought.

ship launching marine airbags ship launching marine airbags

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