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Fender System Design and Supply for CNOOC

Evergreen-Maritime Contract with CNOOC for Fender System Design and Supply

Qingdao Evergreen Maritime and CNOOC contracted on  March 3, 2010 for the fender system design and supply of Lu Da 27-2/32-2 oil platforms.

CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation SEHK: 0883, NYSE: CEO) is China’s largest producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas and one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in the world.

Lu Da 27-2/32-2 (PSP) located in Bohai Bay is an 8-leg process and storage platform that holds a huge oil tank with a capacity of 1.2768 X 104 m3.
Evergreen Maritime Company as the professional manufacturer of pneumatic fenders and ship launching airbags has a long time cooperation with CNOOC in many fields, such as airbag ship launching service and boat fender design and supply. For oil platform fender system, it is the first time cooperation between two companies.

Different from general dock fender system design, the oil platforms have extra demand of anti-shock and worse sea conditions. Evergreen engineers researched all data and drawings of the platforms with assistance from CNOOC experts for more than two weeks. Then a new fender system comes out: super arch rubber fenders plus Evergreen pneumatic fenders. This fender system is tested by digital simulation software developed by Evergreen Maritime Company and the result says safety ratio is greater than 2 whether in shuttle ship berthing condition or mooring status.
On March 5, two sets of pneumatic fender were trucked to Tianjin Port then will be shipped to the Lu Da 27-2/32-2 platform. Evergreen engineers will go to the platform for the installation instruction soon.
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