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32,500DWT Bulk Carrier launching by Marine Airbag

On 16th.Jan.2010, the 32,500DWT Bulk Carrier "Dongze No.6" was successfully launched by Ever-Safe Ship Launching team with Evergreen Marine Airbags in Nanjing Dongze Shipyard. It has been the sixth ships that we launched successfully for this shipyard.


This Bulk Carrier with 210 meters length and 34 meters molded breadth weight 9,500tons. January is the dry season of the Yangtze River Valley. There is long distance between the stern with the tide point. According to our initial launching design, Ever-Safe launching team firstly moved the ship about 30m forward and reached the best launching point by the suitable control of mooring winch.


Total 64 pieces Evergreen Marine Airbags D1.5xEL18 (YT-6) were employed to launch this Bulk Carrier. Because of the excellent slipway, which was designed by Evergreen engineers, our engineers only adjust the pressure of several marine airbags. After the simple ship launching ceremony, the workers cut offer the wire ropes. This Bulk Carriers launch into river successfully.  

Another 55,000DWT vessel will be launched after 20 days. It’ll be the next ship launching record. We welcome your present visit.

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