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DWT 23800 Cargo Ship Successfully Launched

On 4th November a DWT 23800 cargo ship named “Chang An 189” was successfully launched by Evergreen engineering teams with Evergreen marine airbags.

The cargo ship with 158 meters length and 23.8 meters molded breadth weighs 6,000 tons. It was built on a concrete ramp whose slope angle was 1/70. November is the dry season so water level of river is of the lowest point. According to the low water level Evergreen engineers designed the detailed launch project and contingency plan which was approved by China MSA (Maritime Safety Administration).

Total 46 pieces Evergreen marine airbags D1.5xEL18m YT-6 were employed to launch the “Chang An 189” cargo ship. The inclined angle of ship was carefully adjusted to the demanded point when it was raised up by marine airbags. By a start push force the ship began to move with the rolling of airbags and entered into water slowly. It took 90 seconds from the ship’s start to full float.

The success of airbag ship launching at low water level indicates the perfect quality of airbag and advanced technology owned by Evergreen teams. And Evergreen wins four ships launching contract with CNOOC at the afternoon 4th November.

Evergreen is ready for another success.


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