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CNNOC Launches New Vessel with Evergreen Marine Airbags

On 5th Nov. CNNOC launched his new built deck barge “Ocean oil 225” with Evergreen marine airbags. The barge’s lightweight is 8500 ton with 161 meters length, 31 meters width and 9 meters height. The launching ramp is 178 meters long and 50 meters wide and its slope degree is 0.859.


The “Ocean oil 225” is designed as deck barge, its empty gravity center is far away from the central point. Evergreen engineers used 500 ton ballast water to adjust barge’s gravity center to the suitable position.


Total 50 pieces Evergreen marine airbags (1.8 meter diameter and 18 meter long) rise up the barge first and adjust the barge’s gradient to demanded angle. At that time ropes from winch pull the barge from slipping. When water reached the wanted depth, ropes were break down to release the barge. Then barge went into the water smoothly by riding marine airbags and it total took 62 seconds from start to float.


CNNOC has a long-term supply from Qingdao Evergreen Maritime which includes ship launching and ship fenders’ designing and supplying. Qingdao Evergreen Maritime is a professional manufacturer of marine airbags and ship fenders and also the global consultant of airbag launching engineering. The company is well positioned to serve customers with a dedicated technical organization. Please visit our website http://www.evergreen-maritime.com to know more about ship launching projects and Evergreen stories.


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