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Technical Research of Ship Launching using Evergreen Airbags

Technical Research of ship launching using airbags

Abstract:  By comparing the traditional ship launching technology with Evergreen innovative “Flexible Launching TechnologyTM ”, we hope this kind ship launching airbags can be used by more and more shipyards. Sequentially promote the developments of shipbuilding industry under current economic crisis.

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The ship launching slipway, which spend high investment, is the key construction of shipyard. In order to meet the requirement of high-frequency and moderate tonnage shipbuilding, and innovate traditional ship launching construction and research new type ship launching construction, CSSC issue CB/T 3795-1996 (air bag for ship up to or down to launching way) and CB/T 3837-1998 (Technological requirements for ship upgrading or launching relying on air-bags) as industry standard, which supply the basal criterion. Subsequently, Qingdao Evergreen Shipping Supplies Co., Ltd innovate Flexible Launching technologyTM, and Holistic Screw Type Enlacing Technology, thereby become the leader of launching technology.


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