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Visit to Sea Asia 2015 Held in Singapore

Sea Asia, an international conference and exhibition for the maritime and offshore industry, was successfully held during 21st to 23rd, April, 2015 in Marina Bay, Sands, Singapore who is playing the role as the leading international maritime center.

Sea Asia serves as a focal point for both the global and local maritime communities to network, explore new business, and showcase the latest maritime innovations, marine equipment and engineering services. He is an anchor even held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime week and is well attended by the most influential and respected leaders in the marine industry. The three days' event brought forth the latest discussion and debates on key trends, new business opportunities and challenges facing the maritime industry.

As the leading supplier of ship launching marine air bags, floating type pneumatic fenders, foam filled marine fenders, offering one stop service including design, installation and on site oerations,Evergreen Maritime has been focusing on the developing and promotion, taking part in the marine expo every year, meeting and visiting old clients, diaplaying new products and expanding new markets etc. As usual, he participates in this Sea Asia expo on 21st, April. As expected, visitors show great interest to our products.

Like ship launching marine air bags which are used for vessel & barges launched, ships' haul out, heavy lifting and sunken ships' salvage, it is becomg the most economic plan and method to select marine airbags for some engineering works since it could not only save labor and time but also much cost for the shipyards and ship repair companies.

Pneumatic fendersone of the most economic type of fenders among the floating fenders, suitable for ship to ship transfer (STS), ship to Quay (STQ) protection. Their high energy absorption win the favor of shipowners and oilfield owners.

Foam Fenders, comparing with pneumatic fenders, his low reaction force performs best. Foam filled fenders areconstructed with inner closed cell EVA foam core, with nylon reinforced layers and self-colored polyurethane skin outside coated. His advantage is high energy absorption but with lower reaction force, light weight and easy to install.

The rubber and foam products of Evergreen Maritime attract the globally clients deeply. Evergreen Maritime would move forward under the support of clients and do better.


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