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300 feet barge unload from carrier, another 300 feet barge

300 feet barge unload from carrier, another 300 feet barge

Barge carrier is often considered as LASH (Lighter Aboard Ship) or some equipped with rail mounted gantry crane or a massive stern lift by people. Now common barges could be regarded as barge carrier for transportation also. And marine airbags could assist people to unload carried barge.

Like the barge launching in Indonesia in September,2014,cooperated with PMG Company, we successfully discharge one 230 feet barge with weight of 700 tonnes from the deck of 300 feet barge carrier, 900 tonnes weight with rubbr balloons (airbags). It is a new record in the marine field.

"This Indonesian launch project arouses lots of interests from shipping company. WINNING LOGISTIC is one of them who planned to tow four 1300 tonnes barges measured by 300 feet long, 80 feet wide from China to Guinea KAMSAR port. To load one barge onto another barge is not a problem since China owns many lifting bargss. Then if the barge's unloading can be solved, that would be a happy thing since people could stack barges for towing which will save both time and money for the shipping companies" Said by Mr. Jia, the project manager of Evergreen Maritime engineering company Eversafe Marine.


He added," Those barges have more than 1000 tonnes weight but with same dimensions, to load and unload is a big challenge for us. This launch should be precise,there is no room for any launch error."

Our engineers arrived in Guinea o 10th June, incorated with WINNING LOGISTIC, successfully launched two barges from the mother barges in two weeks. Mother barges were ballasted with about 3000 tonnes water before launching. 18 ieces launching balloons with 1.5 m diameter were placed and deployed for the launching. Launching airbags act as the pneumatic rollers also providing a massive air cushion between carrier and barge that is the key of the launch safety." Mike said so.

Another Manager from Eversafe Marine commented" Airbag launching is a versatile and flexible technology. The success of direct launch vessels from carrier's deck means a lot. It can be referred for other deck launching projects, such as the jacketlaunching. It comes to be possible to load and unlad vessels without other assistant facilities, only marine rubber air bags. Deflated airbags( balloons) occuply little room who can travel with vessels anywhere, it s feasible to launch vessels at any place."

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